Brand New: Tex-Mex Grill (in Tenafly Convenience Store), Tenafly, NJ (Mexican Food)

Did you even know that Tenafly now has a Mexican place? And no, it’s not Blockheads (RIP). In the space that formerly held the Tenafly Convenience Store and then briefly a Kosher food store is once again… Tenafly Convenience Store, but now with 100% more tacos (and enchiladas).

But this sign says “Tex-Mex Grill”


Menu board thingy

We at Boozy Burbs got all excited that maybe we’d see the like of tortas, cemitas and other more authentic Mexican foods at this joint! But alas, the menu it filled with more traditional items catering to the masses: quesadillas, chimichangas, burritos. Still good, but we got a little ahead of ourselves expecting more.

Since this is still technically a convenience store, they have other foods like cold cuts and the like. Plus there’s chips, cookies, crackers, drinks, etc…. just like there always was!

It’s still a convenience store too… though we imagine 7-11 has cornered this business now

Fajita Chicken Taco (soft shell with peppers, onions and cheese) and two hot sauces (the green is much much spicier!)

Tex-Mex Grill
(in Tenafly Convenience Store)
PDF Menu
21 Grove Street
Tenafly, NJ
(201) 266-6888


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