A Boozy Burbs Super Bowl

What does the Super Bowl mean to you? Could it be the excitement from Madison Avenue with all the new commercials on display? Perhaps it’s the point spread? Maybe it even has something to do with a football game?!? For a true Boozy Burbs experience, naturally it’s all about the eats!

First & Ten: Thai-Spiced and Buffalo Wings (from B. Smith’s Restaurant)
B. Smith's Restaurant NYC

Best Buffalo Wings in NJ


Third & Long: Chicken Parm Sandwiches (from Torrisi Italian Specialties)


Field Goal: Grandma Pizzas (from Luigi’s Pizza)

Bacon Explosion (from BBQ Addicts; Wikipedia Entry)
Bacon Explosion BBQ Addicts NYC

Safety: Robicelli’s Super Bowl Cupcake Pack
fried chicken cupcake, buffalo chicken cupcake, bacon cupcakes
Flavors: Chicken n’ Waffles, Buffalo Chicken, Pecan Potato Chip, Elvis (Peanut Butter with Bacon), Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, Butterbeer

Everything Else
pretzels, pistachios, sesame honey cashews

And by the way… Giants 21, Patriots 17. Go Big Blue.


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