Pork Roll Eating World Championship


Major League Eating welcomes a new event to its 2015 menu of competition: The Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment World Pork Roll-Eating Championship. This event is the first of its kind and will see the debut of the Pork Roll at the MLE competition table.

Pork Roll is a pre-lunch New Jersey staple, typically served grilled on a roll. After all, why would you eat granola for breakfast when you can eat Pork Roll? Delicious, delicious Pork Roll. Major League Eaters who are unfamiliar with this Garden State delicacy will swoon—swoon—with delight upon their first bite. (Technique tip: Quit the swooning and get back to the eating.)

The Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment World Pork Roll-Eating Championship will be a 10-minute event—a marathon of man vs. woman vs. Pork Roll. MLE office chatter surrounding the event suggests that jaw strength will be a key to victory in this event, as the tasty Pork Roll intertwines with bun. Capacity, too, we believe, shall play a key role. But what would we know? What we do know is that all conjecture and supposition and estimation will be rendered useless once the clock reads 0:00 at this inaugural Pork Roll-eating event at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment. We will know what it takes to be Pork Roll-eating Champion because we will crown that person on that day. They alone will be able to tell us what it takes. They will reveal all.

Do you dare challenge the greatest eaters on the planet? Do you dare face Pork Roll in sanctioned MLE competition? Do you want to come and watch and see the greatest athletes in the world in the world do what they do so well? At the table or in the crowd, there is no better place to be than The Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment World Pork Roll-Eating Championship. At the table or in the crowd—don’t you ever miss it.

Pork Roll Eating World Championship on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at Meadowlands Website