Ironbound Farm in Asbury is the Apple of Our Eye

Boozyhops is the team of Jonna and Sara, two Rockland County chicks who really dig beer and food. They’ll be sharing some of their drinking adventures here on Boozy Burbs. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @boozyhops or drop them a line at boozyhops at gmail dot com.

On a recent trip Asbury, NJ — not to be confused with Asbury Park (totally different counties) — we headed to Ironbound Farm (Visit Website), home of Ironbound Cider. And there is no question about the farm, it’s quite impressive. Guests (including us) are able to visit their chickens and even their Mangalitsa pigs.

The tasting room is located in the old farmhouse, which has been restored and built using locally sourced and reclaimed materials. You can tell the utmost amount of thought and time was put into the design to create a warm and welcoming space.

On to the cider — we can’t deny our first love is beer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy other alcoholic beverages — especially ones made by Cameron Stark, Ironbound’s highly-trained winemaker. Not only does Ironbound use fresh-pressed juice from the apples grown onsite, but refined flavors are achieved with the use of the native plants — also gathered from the farm. And if not, ingredients are sourced from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

There are typically six ciders available with one of them being a rotating seasonal option. On top of their cider options, there’s also red and white wine available. After tasting them all, the Pinelands Rosé is a favorite of Jonna’s. She especially favors the subtle white pepper taste. Highlands Farmhouse is the one for Sara; it’s a bit more dry with a great balance between hops and citrus.

Ironbound is also home to a few exciting events. They host a Sunday brunch from 11am-5pm, a few seasonal harvest festivals, and allow some visiting top-tier chefs cook in the custom (and magnificent) open-fire grill. Any information needed on these events can be found with a quick visit to their website, but we suggest you take the trip soon after.

Full tasting room is open Friday-Sunday but also open for retail/package sales on Mondays and Thursdays. Dogs are allowed on the farm but not in the tasting room. Let us know if you visit!

Ironbound Farm
360 County Road 579
Asbury, NJ