Opening Alert: Mehfil Cafe, Ramsey, NJ

Mehfil Cafe is now open in Ramsey.

They offer “modern Indian cuisine” from “traditional flavors with a contemporary twist” to “innovative dishes bursting with authenticity”.

Ownership shared that this includes Authentic Indian Flavors, Fresh and Locally Sourced Ingredients, Vegetarian and Vegan Options, Creative Fusion Dishes and Attention to Detail.


The menu (View Menu) offers sections like small plates, appetizers, naan & pizza, main course, from the clay oven and more.

There’s also a full bar (View Menu) featuring wine and cocktails — also included is happy hour and lunch buffet.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

Mehfil Cafe
1315 NJ-17 South
Ramsey, NJ

[photo source: Mehfil Cafe


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