Opening Alert: Luciano’s Homemade, Westwood, NJ

Luciano’s Homemade is a new restaurant now open in Westwood.

It’s the sister restaurant (and next door neighbor) of recently-opened (earlier this year) Al Dente Fresh Pasta Co.

The menu (View Menu) is a little different, featuring thin crust pizza, fresh-baked breads, sandwiches, wings, coffee and more.


Breads and pizza dough crafted on-site (using non-GMO, unbleached, and unbromated flour) as are their “seasonal” homemade desserts.

Luciano’s will be connected to Al Dente, so guests can walk between the two spaces — also allowing to grab fresh pasta on one side and baked goods on the other.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

Luciano’s Homemade
301 Center Avenue
Westwood, NJ

[photo source: @myinnerfatkidisout]


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