Food Hall Coming Later This Year to North Jersey

American Dream has announced that H Mart will open their highly anticipated food hall later this spring.

Set to be their largest food hall in the northeast (16,860 square feet), this new addition combines a number of Asian fast-casual eateries.

“We are thrilled to introduce our latest food hall at American Dream,” said Stacey Kwon, President of H Mart. “Our food halls are iconic staples of H Mart stores, and our American Dream location wouldn’t feel complete without one. The addition of another food hall will further enhance the world class, one of a kind guest experience that is H Mart at American Dream.”


With a planned “stylish ambience, diverse culinary offerings, and exceptional customer service”, the food hall at American Dream aims to “become a sought-after destination for food aficionados, visitors and shoppers alike”.

The food hall features a collection of Asian fast-casual favorites – it will offer 11 dining options including:

⬥ K-Town Hero: Crafted by Michelin-star Chef Hooni Kim (owner of Danji in NYC), featuring savory bulgogi beef brisket, fried chicken, and gochujang pork belly
⬥ The Bao: Specializing in Dim Sum, noodles and soup dumplings
⬥ Sang’s Tofu & Grill: Offering traditional Korean food from the renowned founder of Midori Sushi, Food Avenue and Sang’s Kitchen
⬥ Gold Miss: Indulge in delicious donuts, hot dogs, ice cream, frozen yogurt and slush drinks
⬥ Gong Cha: Savor premium tea, bubble tea and coffee made from the freshest milk and highest quality ingredients
⬥ BBQ Chicken: Exquisite fried chicken – crispier, juicier and more tender – with a variety of flavorful sauces
⬥ Jeong’s Noodle: Enjoy a variety of delicious noodle, seafood and chicken dishes
⬥ Wok Bar: Customize your own meal with a variety of flavorful and fresh ingredients
⬥ Tous les Jours: An artisan bakery serving a unique selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and handcrafted beverages
⬥ Don Don Curry: Delight in delicious Japanese Curry, Takoyaki, Tempura and Karaage
⬥ Let Them Talk: Unwind with daily Happy Hours, featuring a wide selection of draft beers, craft cocktails and Korean drinks


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