Old Bukhara is Coming Soon to River Edge

Old Bukhara is a new restaurant coming soon to River Edge.

Serving Uzbek cuisine, ownership has 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

In addition to this upcoming spot, there is another location in Marlboro.


It will feature experienced chefs from Uzbekistan, who have many years of experience behind them.

All food is certified halal, offering “national dishes” like pilaf, lamb sashlik, shurpa – the country “has absorbed” dishes from their neighbors including Kazakh, Mongolian, Turkic, Tatar and Tajik cuisines.

There will be 80+ seats inside with another 15+ outside.

Once open expect them to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week – delivery will be available 24 hours.

Old Bukhara
606 Kinderkamack Road
River Edge, NJ


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