Opening Alert: 101 Chicken, Fort Lee, NJ

101 Chicken is a new restaurant open in Fort Lee.

The team is led by award-winning chef, Chef Byungtae Ahn, the Grand Champion of Netflix and SBS’ (Seoul Broadcasting System) “The K-Chicken War,”* and a team of experienced restaurateurs and franchisees.

This flagship store features a modified open kitchen for customers to watch “101 Robot.Pal” — a “smart, efficient, sanitary and safe” robotic arm that cooks their K-chicken — who assists Chef Ahn as a line cook.


By “partnering” with programmable, robotic technology in the kitchen, the team can “mitigate operational inconsistencies/inefficiencies and safety hazards” while ensuring each order is cooked at an “optimal time and temperature”.

The menu (View Menu) is primarily K-chicken (available in wings, boneless and drumsticks) with chicken sandwich and ddukbokki (traditional Korean rice cake dish) options; we even have cheese balls made in-house.

Items served marry Korean classic ingredients like aged soy sauce and gochujang with various non-traditional flavors.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

101 Chicken
2151 Lemoine Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ


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