Boozy Burbs Launches Baboo, An Online Ordering Platform

Boozy Burbs unveils Baboo (Visit Site), a new commission free online ordering and food delivery platform for independent restaurants only in greater North Jersey.

Unlike the competition, Baboo restaurants do not have to pay a hefty commission for participating and there are no large surprise fees for guests when they check out.

Baboo online ordering – What It Is and Why It Matters?


The restaurant business is tough — there is high demand, lots of competition and small margins — especially when you are an independent restaurant. It’s hard enough to operate an incredible guest experience and grow the business while mitigating an ever changing landscape of labor challenges, cost of goods and consumer preferences. But we love it.

Third-party marketplaces have made it easy for restaurants to connect with local hungry consumers looking for where to find their next meal. They are easy to use, have lots of choices and are virtually everywhere. It allows restaurants instant availability to more guests without marketing or employing drivers.

But it comes at a high cost. These marketplaces often demand 25-30% commissions — plus they are dominated by large chains with deep pockets who pay their way to the top of the website with discounts and deals. They are also costly for guests. Once you’ve added everything to your cart to check out, they add a large service fee in addition to the food, tip and delivery.

Baboo eliminates much of this and makes it better for everyone.

Key Features and Benefits for Restaurants

  • No commissions: Restaurants receive full value for their menu items.
  • No subscription fees: Restaurants do not have to pay a monthly fee to use Baboo. Its essentially free
  • Drivers included: No delivery drivers are needed — Baboo’s partnership with a large driver network works on a small per delivery fee.
  • No chains: Baboo works only to support independent restaurants. You’ll never have to battle the marketing budget of a large multi unit restaurant.
  • No contracts: Agreements are month to month and can be canceled at any time with no penalties.
  • Quick go live: Restaurants can be live on Baboo in 2-3 weeks.
  • Unlimited updates: Restaurants can update their menu as often as needed at no charge
  • Free marketing: Restaurants using Baboo receive spotlight features on the Boozy Burbs website, email and social media as well as on Rev Ciancio’s Instagram and TikTok channels.
  • Free photos and videos: Boozy Burbs & Rev Ciancio will visit participating restaurants for a photo/video shoot and provide them to ownership for their own marketing use.

Key Features and Benefits for Guests

  • No surprise fees: You only pay for the food, tip and delivery. Pick up is also available for free.
  • Discover new local restaurants: For the true food lovers, Baboo only works with local, independent restaurants serving the best, freshest and most delicious food.

Who is Baboo?

Baboo is a partnership between MACV Technology, the parent company of Boozy Burbs, Rev Ciancio, founder of Yeah! Management, a hospitality marketing agency and Cybervation, a tech development company based in Columbus, OH, that owns the easy to use online ordering platform for independent restaurants, BistroUX.

Check out Baboo:


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