Jersey Chain With Bergen Location Has One of State’s Best Tacos has shared their for New Jersey’s 33 best tacos, ranked for 2024 (Read Full List).

The “humble” food has a “fervent following” to the tune of “4.5 billion” eaten every year in the US.

The choices selected are “all over the map” with ingredients like chicken, carnitas, birria and more.


For those interested, the specific way the list was tabulated wasn’t shared with readers.

When it came to Bergen County, there was only one that made list: Tacoria – the Jersey chain with 8 locations including Paramus – which came it at #28 for their Golden Avocado Taco.

It was highlighted for its “crisp exterior” that “gives way to a creamy exterior”.

Plus the writers suggested topping it with guac… because there’s “no such thing as to much avocado”.

Route 17 South
Paramus, NJ

[photo source: Tacoria]


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