Bergen County Restaurants Among Best for KBBQ has shared their picks for The 19 best Korean barbecue restaurants in New Jersey, ranked for 2024 (Read Full List).

With meat cooked in front of you (sometimes you as the cook, sometimes the restaurant staff) and plenty of banchan, it can be a feast for meat lovers.

It didn’t come as a surprise there were a number of Bergen County restaurants on this list, with the large Korean populations in towns like Palisades Park and Fort Lee.


In fact seven of the top ten are in the area including:

1. Wooga, Fort Lee (Website) – noted for “high-quality meats” featuring “incredible marbling”

2. Yook 92, Palisades Park (Website) – for combos that include the “perfect amount of meat”

3. Jeong Yook, Palisades Park (Website) – the mixed combo option is a “must have”

5. Cast Iron Pot, Fairview (Website) – which offers all you can eat at it’s four locations

6. Q Grill, Fort Lee (Website) – items that “never disappoint” are cheese garlic butter lobster, marinated short rib and pork belly

7. Obaltan, Fort Lee – got high marks for it’s seafood

9. The Meat Bros, Fort Lee (Website) – impresses with it’s “overwhelming selection”


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