Bergen Spot Named Best Old School Restaurant in Jersey has shared their picks for The 41 best old-school New Jersey restaurants, ranked (Read Full List).

Shared because “nobody does old-school restaurants like New Jersey”.

Those chosen are old school as if you “come back in 10, 20 years, nothing will have changed” and “it’s all about a look, an attitude”.


According to the article, this disclaimer was shared: The restaurants are not ranked by the quality of food, but the food’s good at all of them. It’s more about how well they fit the definition of “old-school.

For those looking into how the list was tabulated via (perhaps?) some sort of rating system to determine these rankings, that specific information was not shared.

For Bergen County, one restaurant make the list – in fact it was number one overall!

Lido Restaurant in Hackensack is someplace you go eat the “sliced steak and the thin-crust pizza” and the waitresses are “a trip”.

701 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ

[photo source: Lido]


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