NYC’s Bukhara Grill Returns with Location in New Jersey

Dehli Accent in Ridgewood is now Bukhara Grill by Raja Jhanjee.

The original Bukhara closed in the city during the pandemic, so Raja’s team joined his son Akshay across the river.

The entire staff was brought over to Delhi Accent – including the chef who integrated many items to the menu.


Demand had been high for Bukhara’s return and now it’s back – a little more of a “modern Bukhara Grill” that features their classic menu along with Delhi Accent dishes.

They’ve renovated the space featuring the same NYC signature look – which also includes plateware, server uniforms, menus and more.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

Bukhara Grill by Raja Jhanjee
37 Chestnut Street

Ridgewood, NJ


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