Opening Alert: Aleria Bakery, New Milford, NJ

Aleria Bakery has expanded with a new location in New Milford.

The female-owned business began with the two owners met working at a Mediterranean restaurant (River Edge) in back in 2017.

They decided to open their first bakery/cafe during the pandemic, event though everyone told it would be bad timing.


The location is in Cliffside Park and has been a success that’s lead to the second storefront.

The new shop offers “Mediterranean breakfast and dessert with an American twist”.

Everything is made “freshly baked daily” and “prepared in-house”.

They specialize in many things, but we are known for their hand made Baklava.

The shop has seating for 24 people with additional outside seating for larger groups and events.

They  are open 7 days a week beginning at 8:00am till 8:00pm.

Aleria Bakery & Cafe
160 Henley Avenue
New Milford, NJ

[photo source: Aleria]

Menu (click to enlarge)


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