Opening Alert: D’s Sweets, Rutherford, NJ

2 Sweets is a new bubble tea and ice cream shop now open in Rutherford.

The owners had interest opening a shop for years, but the right opportunity didn’t show until summer of 2023.

They’ve worked for a few different bubble tea shops in the past, learning and adjusting what they believe is the best way to handle the process — officially this is their first store.


“Great care” is taken when preparing the ingredients. They only use “premium ice cream mixes” along with real heavy cream and milk.

Creamers, syrups, are from only select suppliers and teas are brewed fresh on a daily basis. (View Menu)

Tea brewing is also very important, as the temperature and ratio is crucial so the resulting product isn’t bitter.

The same can be said with boba, the amount of preparation time needed is what gives it it’s specific the taste and consistency.

2 Sweets is currently open seven days a week.

2 Sweets
327 Union Avenue
Rutherford, NJ

[photo source: 2 Sweets]


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