Bandic Coffee is Coming Soon to Englewood

Bandić Coffee (pronounced bon-ditch) is an upcoming business coming soon to Englewood.

The business started off as an online coffee shop, but ownership wanted to open a café that “supports other entrepreneurs” and gives the community “a safe space to come to try different types of coffee and food from different cultures”.

They will also have activities such as open mic, live bands, painting events, and much more – including private parties and birthdays.


A menu will offer a “mixture of different cuisines”.

Coffee along with items for breakfast (sandwiches, oatmeal, pastries) and lunch (sandwiches, pizza) and more are in the works.

They have planned seating for about 20 people and will be open seven days a week.

A projected opening date is currently sometime in March.

Bandić Coffee
11A West Hudson Avenue
Englewood, NJ

[photo source: Bandic Coffee]


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