Maru Sushi in Ridgewood Grand Opening Next Month

Maru Sushi is a new restaurant in Ridgewood.

With five chefs, it’s aiming to share “a world where tradition meets innovation, and the art of sushi is elevated to its pinnacle”.

Ian, the head chef, has dedicated twenty years of his life to the craft of sushi.


His odyssey began as an apprentice in a “humble traditional sushi restaurant”, where he honed his skills under the “watchful eye of his demanding but highly skilled mentor”. He embarked on a “relentless pursuit of excellence”, with the goal of “mastering the delicate balance of sushi rice, the precise art of knife work, and the artful presentation of each dish.”.

The menu includes appetizers, salads, donburi, noodles and a number of Korean items to go along with the sushi bar menu.

There’s also three omakase options (chef’s selection) as well.

A grand opening is scheduled for sometime in December.

Maru Sushi
94 N Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ


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