Bergen County Eateries Make Best Ramen List

The folks over at have shared their list of New Jersey’s 15 best bowls of ramen, ranked (Read Article).

Everything from instant ramen tp fancy bowls served as Michelin Star restaurants, ramen was simply just “Japanese street food” according to the piece.

While this list was compiled over the last month, the exact way the ranking was determined was not specifically shared.


Of the fifteen on the list, six were located in Bergen County including two in the top 5 including:

The Beef ramen at Ramen Azuma in Englewood and Wood-Ridge (Website), which got highlighted for lighter broth — “almost citrusy” was #2.

The Toroniku Spicy Miso Ramen at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Website) in Edgewater (inside Mitsuwa) was #4, which the dish named itself translates to “melty pork ramen”

The full list can be viewed at (Read Article).


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