Opening Alert: Q Grill, Fort Lee, NJ

Q Grill is a new Korean BBQ restaurant now open in Fort Lee.

Ownership (aka Q) also owns Dong Bang Grill in town, which has been open since 2005. While Dong Bang is “more upscale”, Q opened this eatery to have a “more casual vibe”.

Their chef has worked in Korean bbq restaurants and other types of Korean cuisine and she comes with 30+ years of experience. She has previously worked with the team — Q is “glad to have her back”.


They are serving lunch and dinner and are using Prime grade meat for all the beef cuts on the menu (see below) — they aren’t trying to mess with these ingredients too much, though their signature dish “Galbi” is Prime beef short ribs marinated in their soy based marinade.

In addition there is seafood like clams lobster, abalone, and live octopus — more cuts of beef and seafood than Dong Bang Grill.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

Q Grill
1645 Lemoine Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ

[photo source: Q Grill]

Menu (click to enlarge)


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