Opening Alert: Cherry Blossom Cafe, Wyckoff, NJ

Cherry Blossom Cafe is a new business now open in Wyckoff.

Owner Beata Savreski has been a passionate advocate for healthy living her entire life. As a certified public accountant for the majority of her career, she felt like something was missing and did not feel completely fulfilled.

When an opportunity to build and own the first and only USDA Certified Organic franchise in the USA presented itself, she did not hesitate to branch out. Providing healthy place to drink and eat in her community gave her sense of joy and fulfillment.


Fast forward a few years and a new idea came into fruition that not only serves the highest quality organic juices and smoothies but also “raises the standards” on coffee and small quick bites to eat.

The overall concept is to provide the “highest quality ingredients” that are “organic or better” in a quick service environment. Savreski says they are fortunate to have a following of customers that visit us daily who are very excited to see their expanded offerings.

Their menu (View Menu) includes items like freshly made to order juices, cold pressed juices in glass bottles to go, smoothies and smoothie bowls, coffee, salads, toasts, bakery items, and more.

In addition to most of the the ingredients being organic or better, they source locally whenever possible. They don’t add ice to smoothies and smoothie bowls to “achieve better overall consistency”, texture and taste. They also don’t use preservatives, coloring, artificial ingredients and sweeten smoothies with honey, maple syrup, dates and agave.

They are currently open seven days a week.

Cherry Blossom Cafe
Boulder Run Shopping Center
319 Franklin Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ

[photo source: Cherry Blossom]


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