Closter Starbucks Transitioning to Standard Store

According to their social media account, the Starbucks in Closter has made some changes — beginning what appears immediately after it was shared online recently.

They will no longer serve reserve beverages, as the storefront will be “transitioning to a standard Starbucks”.

The store itself opening back in 2017 and as the first New Jersey Starbucks — and only based on a visit to their website — branded as a “Reserve Bar”. Reserve Bar locations were upscale and meant to celebrate the “theater of coffee” according to press at the time (Read Story).


It included an expanded menu from the traditional Starbucks — this meant coffees prepared using unique methods not typically seen at the chain’s traditional locations.

Expect the shop to continue operating seven days a week as usual.

19 Vervalen Street
Closter, NJ


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