Opening Alert: Awe & Wonder, Tenafly, NJ

Awe & Wonder is a new coffee shop now open in Tenafly.

It’s owned by Mike & Michelle, a husband & wife duo with backgrounds in design and hospitality.

The decision to open the business was birthed not only from their love for coffee and design, but also from the desire to spark awe & wonder for people to have greater visions & dreams of their own — they hope to support local organizations and non-profits through awareness, events, and other capacities.


Their locally-roasted coffee beans originate from small regions in Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, and more. Coffee is prepared as espresso, drip, pour over, cold brew, and in other special mixtures.

Awe & Wonder also offers the highest grade latte matcha in America sourced from Kettl, stone-milled in Fukuoka, Japan, an assortment of loose leaf tea options, and more.

For food, they serve sweet & savory pastries from Balthazar, a variety of cookies from Baking Mama in Hoboken, and will offer a limited made-to-order menu which will include healthy & simple items such as avocado toast, jam & cream cheese toast, yogurt parfait, and more.

The design-focused cafe offers guests the ability to rest in their aesthetic, curated, and cozy space with almost twenty seats nestled in around approximately eight hundred square feet.

It’s currently open six days (closed Sundays) a week.

Awe & Wonder
35 Highwood Avenue
Tenafly, NJ

[photo source: Awe & Wonder]


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