Zai’s Dessertery in Bergenfield Announces Closing

Zai’s Dessertery in Bergenfeild has announced their closing in a social media post this morning (Read Post).

THe business began in Dumont and then moved to Bergenfield. Two more stores came along (Cresskill, NYC), which ultimately shuttered. The Bergenfield store then close breifly this February before re-opening in April.

Zai shared on the post that after giving the six year old business “a second chance”, the “many losses especially from the other two locations” lead to this decision.


She also mentioned that they “sold our business to some friends who will be taking over the space and running their own Café and Bakery” who will be “serving some of Zai’s products”.

There’s no word other word on details about the new cafe.

Zai’s Dessertery
108 North Washington Avenue
Bergenfield, NJ


[photo source: Zai’s]


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