Opening Alert: Iconic Coffee, Hackensack, NJ

Ionic Coffee, a new coffee shop, has opened in Hackensack.

Ownership has always been a passionate lover of coffee and an avid traveler. Throughout their journeys, they have explored various coffee cultures and spent significant time in Europe, immersing themselves in the rich traditions of coffee. Inspired by these experiences and the deep-rooted coffee cultures they encountered, they decided to bring their love for coffee back home and open Iconic Coffee. Their extensive travels and exposure to diverse coffee practices have shaped their understanding and expertise in the world of coffee.

Iconic Coffee collaborates with Coffee Project NYC, who serves as their roaster. Through this collaboration, they source coffee beans and benefit from the expertise of Coffee Project NYC’s instructors, who provided training to their baristas. This partnership exists to ensure “every cup of coffee served at Iconic Coffee reflects the highest standards and authenticity”.


Food selection is meant to complement the coffee offerings. This includes a variety of pastries, handcrafted sandwiches and more available for breakfast or lunch.

The shop is currently open seven days a week.

Iconic Coffee
157 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ

[photo source: Iconic]


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