Opening Alert: Jarana, East Rutherford, NJ

Jarana, a new Peruvian restaurant, has opened in East Rutherford.

Chef Gastón Acurio, whose’s flagship restaurant is Astrid y Gastón, brings an “authentic and approachable take” on Peruvian cuisine with open-fire grilling at the American Dream property.

Designed by the local Acurio International team, the word “Jarana” is a classic term for a raucous celebration filled with food, music, and libations. Uniquely Peruvian, the restaurant “aims to display the diversity of Peruvian cuisine” which includes the use of woks, charcoal grilling, mix of flavors, and rustic presentations.


Corporate Executive Chef Jesus Delgado drew inspiration from Peru’s geographic and cultural diversity to develop a menu celebrating traditional favorites, bold flavors, and large portions of scratch-made preparations.

Open-fire charcoal grilling and oven, as well as a gas rotisserie is a culinary focal point – showcasing Peruvian cooking. One specialty is the half chicken marinated Lima-style, a widely known dish. Other highlights include traditional Ceviche, flaming Anticuchos (grilled meats), stews, and Chinese Peruvian (Chifa) specialties like Saltados (stir fry) and Chaufa (fried rice).

The dessert menu is similarly regional, with Alfajores (dulce de leche sandwich cookies), Picarones (squash and sweet potato donuts), Mazamorra Morada (purple corn pudding), and more.

Complementing the food menu will be a bar and beverage program focused on classic cocktails from across Latin America – Pisco Sours, Chilcanos, Mojitos, and Caipirinhas – alongside original signatures with house-made syrups such as the Gin(y)amor (gin, thyme-orange-clove syrup, elderflower, orange juice), Jarana Macho (bourbon, giffard banana, vanilla-sherry syrup, angostura), and Big Red (vodka, lemon juice, passion fruit, beet-cinnamon syrup, sparkling wine). The wine list will incorporate South American and worldly labels that are meant to pair with the food.

Located inside American Dream, Jarana’s 200-seat space includes an open floor plan with oversized mural and natural elements like wood and stone.

1 American Dream Way
East Rutherford, NJ

[photo credit: Liz Clayman]


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