Crumbl Cookies Finally Headed to Bergen County?

Crumbl (Website) is a growing chain of cookie stores that many readers have likely seen or heard of the last few years.

They serve cookies that are baked in house and served in their distinct pink boxes. The menu rotates with six new choices available each week. Among the many previous flavors, a few from the list were: Apple Pie, Brownie Batter, French Toast, S’Mores, and Vanilla Sugar. Customers can see the current list on their website.

As of right now the company has yet to announce a location in Bergen County, though one would imagine that will change eventually, as it’s the most populous in the state.


With eleven storefronts already in New Jersey — and more likely planned and announced — it would appear it’s only a matter of time.

Though it might actually be imminent — though nothing is confirmed as of yet — a location page for Paramus has turned up on their website.

With an address and contact info (yes we reached out) listed, it would appear it’s sooner than ever.

Of course it could just be for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes — designed to help website turn up higher in Google search results — that remains to be seen.

[photo source: Crumbl]


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