Blended Bistro Headed Next Month to Cliffside Park

Maddy Camacho worked years in the hospitality industry including baking, catering and food trucking.

Camacho comes from a big family and was fortunate enough to grow up with great grandparents and grandparents. Large family gatherings always involved food and storytelling from their homeland of Cuba.

She always looked forward to hanging in the kitchen listening to the stories and how each meal was reminiscent of good times. The kitchen was always where she was “most creative and excited to be”.


After attending a baking and pastry arts school in NYC, Maddy worked in different types of kitchen until she was finally able to build a food truck in 2022 and now open a brick & mortar restaurant in Cliffside Park.

Like her The Blended Bistro Food Truck, which serves homemade cuban croquetas and empanadas, the overall concept the restaurant is a “warm cozy bistro blending Cuban and Italian food”.

The menu will be a blend of Cuban classics along with new twists. It will also incorporate a love for Italian food and pastas. 

Camacho plans to open sometime in February.

The Blended Bistro
442 Anderson Avenue
Cliffside Park, NJ

[photo source: The Blended Bistro]


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