Three Jersey Spots Named Among Top 100 Places to Eat

Yelp has shared their annual list of the Top 100 Places to Eat (View Full List).

Labelled as “Your guide to the best places to eat in America this year”, the list was compiled by getting favorite dining spots from Yelp users and ranking them by total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, geographic representation and “other factors”.

There were three picks from New Jersey this year.


At number 40 was Jessica’s Cafe in Plainfield (Website) that offers “locally sourced ingredients in a relaxing, low-key setting”.

Kenko Sushi in Lincoln Park (Website) came in at #78 which is “for foodies who eat with their eyes first”.

Finally at #88 was Nicholas Anthony’s Family Kitchen in West Orange (Website) which is “the quintessential family kitchen”.

[photo source: Jessica’s Cafe]


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