Opening Alert: Bangkok Station, Nyack, NY

Newcomer to the Hudson Valley, Thai restaurant Bangkok Station is now open in Nyack.

The building, which bears a strong resemblance to a railroad car, blends new with the old — restaurant service spanning nearly a century and a place in U.S. cultural history.

Mike Metzger, partner Leo Lasopi and Chef Nida Sarawong, Metzger’s wife, bought the business from the previous owners of Thai House.


“We were drawn to the place — a great location with ties to the history of the village,” said Metzger. “We couldn’t wait to get started. We hit the ground running with a full menu, even while renovations were still under way,”

Metzger, a native of Queens, NY, describes himself as “the American guy” in the new venture. Both Lasopi and Chef Nida grew up in Thailand. Nida’s kitchen features authentic recipes she brought from Thailand and collected in travels around the U.S. and abroad. Her hallmark is balance — creating the right combinations of spices and flavors that give each ingredient its own ‘voice’ in the dish.

The idea of opening a restaurant came up more than once. At first, it seemed like a pipe dream, according to Metzger. There were opportunities, but nothing felt quite right — until the couple saw an ad for the Park Street location.

It’s currently open seven days a week from noon till 9:oopm.

Bangkok Station
12 Park Street
Nyack, NY


[photo source: Bangkok Station]


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