Omakase Speakeasy Sushi by Sea Has Opened in Bergen

Sushi by Sea, an invite only omakase speakeasy, has officially opened in Bergen County. Ownership is keen to keep the location secretive, with guests encouraged to not reveal it’s address.

Designed as a partnership model between the chef and owner, the chef brings into play his Korean, Brazilian and Japanese cultural experiences including working at many restaurants (Masa, Neta, Shuko, Sushi Agari, Torien) as he prepares dishes while the owner adds in his South African “magic” to hospitality.

Both chef and owner have spent years in the industry and believe their hands on experience has equipped them to deliver this unique experience that focuses on quality dishes and close interaction with guests, making every moment as memorable as possible.


Sushi by Sea started during the pandemic as a popup, with a vision of having a dedicated home. Grassroots grown, their mission is to grow and build a community together with guests and suppliers – one connected network and ecosystem.

The menu changes frequently and is seasonal by nature – the tasting includes sixteen courses in all.

Those interested should follow them on social media or register at their website to find out how to get an invitation.

Sushi by Sea
It’s a Secret
Bergen County


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