Hot Chicken and Frankie Roll Restaurant Headed to North Jersey

As previously reported, Fluffies Hot Chicken is coming soon to Hackensack.

Ownership comes from a family with food industry experience ranging from fast food, fine dining and bread production.

Brothers Raad and Saad decided to make the move from “avid foodies to ambitious purveyors”. They’re adding their own spin on the hot chicken trend – mixing it with their South Asian roots.


As a Nashville style hot chicken sandwich restaurant with a south Asian twist, the menu will focus on that signature dish along with Frankie rolls crafted using house made naan bread.

The space will offer a fast casual ambiance in about a thousand square feet, with approximately twenty five seats. The brothers are hoping to announce an opening date in the near future.

Fluffies Hot Chicken & Frankie Rolls
252 S Summit Avenue
Hackensack, NJ

[photo source: Fluffies]


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