North Jersey Hot Dog Documentary Hits Streaming Services

One All The Way (Website) is a short documentary that premiered last year from Paterson native David Baram and his 08008 Productions company.

The film follows hot dog-obsessed friends Harry, Ron and Larry, who regularly go on hot dog crawls to find the best joints in Jersey. Over the course of one day’s search for the world’s greatest Hot Texas Weiner — the style made popular in North Jersey and commonly served “all the way” (mustard, onions, chili) — they discover that Paterson has become one of American’s poorest cities.

North Jersey spots featured in the film include Libby’s Lunch in Paterson, The Hot Grill in Clifton and Goffle Grill in Hawthorne.


During it’s trip along the festival circuit last year, the film received various awards and accolades (See List) including at the Sarasota Film Festival (Best Short Film) and Bergen International Film Festival (Best Documentary).

Beginning this past weekend, the film is now available for purchase on major streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Apple iTunes.

[photo source: One All The Way]


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