A Taste of Cuba Comes to North Jersey

Salud Cuban Cafe, a relatively new eatery, has opened in downtown Englewood.

Fernando Fernandez and his brother have extended Cuban restaurant experience. They both worked in their Cuban restaurant family business over the years, the most recent closed in 2006.

After a long hiatus they opened a catering company leveraging the legacy their dad had built. In 2020, they launched La Rosita Catering, but COVID had other plans and put the business on hold.


Salud is the latest project — the idea is to bring a small taste of Cuban food to Englewood. It features the Cuban Sandwich front and center along with strong tasting espresso coffee — prepared the way they learned to make it.

They have a limited menu (View Menu) that includes sandwiches and typical Cuban snacks like savory croquettes along with sweet strudels.

It’s open six days a week (closed Sundays) from 10:00am till 6:00pm.

Salud Cuban Cafe
3 Nathaniel Place
Englewood NJ

[photo source: Salud]


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