Opening Alert: Prime No. 7, Mahwah, NJ

Prime No. 7, a Korean BBQ and tofu restaurant, has opened in Mahwah.

Ownership is dubbing it a “comfortable, family dining experience” and the only Korean restaurant in town. Their entire team have a combined sixty years experience along with a connection to So Kong Dong Tofu House (Fort Lee & Edison).

The menu (View Dinner) includes appetizers, rice dishes, noodles, casseroles, stir-fry, soups,  entrees, and Korean BBQ.


The bbq uses an induction grill to provide a “quick and efficient” way of grilling. Certain meats come out slightly cooked in the kitchen – they use a Hickory lump wood charcoal grill and rice straw. This gives it a “traditional” Korean taste.

They are looking to emphasize their signature dishes: Oodae Galbi, Chef’s Prime Short Rib Cut, Prime No.7 Pork Belly, and Tofu Soup – which has the option of choosing the type and spice level.

It’s currently open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner.

Prime No 7
115 Franklin Turnpike
Mahwah, NJ

[photo source: Prime No 7]


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