Baumgart’s Cafe is Once Again Churning in Englewood

Baumgart’s Cafe, which announced they were closing just a few weeks ago, is officially back in Englewood.

The Chinese and American food restaurant has some changes in the works, including a few menu upgrades — like a Pat LaFrieda burger and house made fries.

They’re in the process of upgrading the interior — the banquette, paneling and wallpaper are all seeing refinements. Plus they are beautifying the outdoor area and it’s choice seating during the warm weather months.


Fans of their eclectic menu have no reason to fret, the classic Baumgart’s dishes will remain — though there will be a temporary pause on sushi.

And the homemade ice cream remains as well, which is made by the son of the original Baumgart’s owner — the shop opened back in 1944.

Baumgart’s Cafe
45 East Palisade Avenue
Englewood, NJ


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