Opening Alert: El Taco Bar, Closter, NJ

El Taco Bar, an authentic Mexican taqueria, has opened in Closter.

Executive chef Aura Montoya holds multiple degrees from “prestigious culinary schools” in Latin America and has over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry — both abroad and in the US.

The restaurant was born from a combined passion of Mexican food and a desire to create a special restaurant concept that will transport guests to an authentic Mexican street stand. Ownership wants “a totally immersive experience” on a gastronomic and visual level.


Aiming to replicate taste and ambience of Mexico — where patrons can enjoy fresh ingredients, handmade tortillas, and salsas — the familiar casual environment “amongst the friendly “taquero” chef, their team, and fellow loyal patrons, “adding to the overall dining experience”.

The menu (View Menu) includes tacos, burritos, and quesadillas with a choice of different proteins and side dishes — tortillas will be handmade and house salsas are designed to “enhance” every menu item.

The space has a combination of small tables and standing booths resembling a Mexican food market.

It’s currently open seven days a week.

El Taco Bar
244 Closter Dock Road
Closter, NJ

[photo source: El Taco Bar]


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