Bergen County Shop Serves State’s Best Bagels is back with their list for New Jersey’s 44 greatest bagel shops, ranked (View Full List).

As they mention, Americans have a “love affair” with bagels, as we ate 202.7 million of them in 2020.

This list includes four bagel shops in Bergen County, including the #1 overall pick Teaneck Road Hot Bagels in Teaneck. They were highlighted for “perfectly sized bagels” with “exquisite crusty exterior” and “soft, chewy interior”.


River Road Hot Bagels in Fair Lawn (Website) came in at #9, and was highlighted for amongst other things for a garlic bagel that “strikes a nice balance between soft and chewy”.

Three Star Bagel in Teaneck came in at #10, and their bacon, egg and cheese bagel was highlighted for having “some of the crispiest bacon”.

Rounding out the list was Boxcar Bagels & Deli in Bogota at #44, which got mention for it’s onion bagel.


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