Opening Alert: Vegan Pastry Lab, Englewood, NJ

Vegan Pastry Lab, a vegan bakery, has opened in Englewood.

Owners Cris and Eli and have been dreaming of opening a vegan bakery for years, deciding the time is now right for their own shop. Both are long-time vegans, with Cris having over 5 years of vegan pastry experience — having worked at a number of popular “vegan hot spots”.

They’re rolling out fresh pastries every day, like donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, babka, savory pastries (danish, Texas-style kolaches, etc), plus there will be an extensive menu of celebration cakes that can be ordered in advance.


The space itself has been described as small, with limited indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitting).

It’s currently open five days a week (closed Monday and Tuesday).

Vegan Pastry Lab
18 E Forest Avenue
Englewood, NJ

[photo source: Vegan Pastry Lab]


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