Bergen Restaurants Named Best Outside New York City

Thrillist has shared their picks for The 20 Best Suburban Restaurants Outside NYC (Read Full Article).

Claiming that “suburban dining outside of NYC is better than ever” — mentioning that “many former city chefs” have relopcated “outside of the Big Apple”, diners will find “first-rate options” in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The 20 restaurants did include a few from New Jersey — two of which hailed from Bergen County.


Sushi Aoki in Fort Lee (Website) was mentioned as an “authentic option for traditional omakase sushi” from Masashi Aoki, a former executive chef of Sushi of Gari 46.

The other is Jack’s Lobster Shack (Website) — locations in Cresskill and Edgewater — with their “unfussy seafood” inspired by the “seaside shacks dotting New England”.

[photo source: Jack’s Lobster Shack]


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