Crave Nation Food Truck Has Launched in Bergen County

Crave Nation, a new food truck business, has launched in Bergen County.

Over the last five years, Jennifer Encarnacion and Milton Amoroso have been working to make this business a reality. Encarnacion went to college and received a business degree, while Amoroso spent time working in restaurants – from waiter to line cook to running kitchens – something that began when we was very young at his father’s bar (Jeremy’s Ale House, NYC).

Originally a five year plan than would have them up and running by 2020, the pandemic set them back a year – which opened them up to more cuisines and increased experience in the business.


The  concept is to “bring different flavors and items to one location for all the people who crave that variety”. They delt that there wasn’t a local place to “get both a great Philly cheesesteak and a Cuban sandwich”, customers “couldn’t have Peruvian food and a bbq burger” at the same place.

With a menu (View Menu) includes burgers and gourmet sandwiches with some “unique twists” and sides.

They are currently serving for lunch and early dinner from Tuesday thru Friday from noon till 6:00pm at Milton Votee Park in Teaneck. They do plan on popping up all over, they will be posting our locations as we go on social media.

Crave Nation
Bergen County, NJ


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