New Jersey Has The Best Pizza in America

As you’ve probably heard, New Jersey has been named the best pizza state by the folks over at Food & Wine (Read Full Article).

Though hardly a surprise to anyone who’s actually eaten at the vast variety of places and styles (and quality) that are available to Jerseyans, the article speaks in particular of theĀ happening in Jersey City that’s been cemented by a New York Times article (Read Article) with the arrival of Razza (Website) and with less fanfare Bread & Salt (Website).

There’s much more to the story of course, including Bergen County favorite Kinchley’s Tavern (Website), the tomato pies in Trenton and perennial favorite Santillo’s in Elizabeth.


If one scrolls down past the accolades on Connecticut, New York, Illinois (?!) and others, there’s even a list of the best pizza in the other states as well.

[photo source: Razza]


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