Opening Alert: Sadhya, Englewood, NJ

Sadhya, a new Indian restaurant, has opened in Englewood.

As cuisine in India is varied from region to region, the majority of restaurants in the US have focused on Indian cuisine from the northern part of India, especially from states like Punjab.

Owner Venu Menon felt that there was an underserved segment of the Indian food business from some of the southern region — the concept of Sadhya is to bring fresh, vegetarian cuisine from the state of Kerala, in the form of both traditional and non-traditional dishes.


It’s all vegetarian cuisine, with options for breakfast and lunch for takeout. Kerala vegetarian food contains coconut in a variety of forms. It is “fresh and light” with Menon trying to “stay true to that”.

Currently the shop is open six days a week (closed Sunday) with delivery coming soon.

24 North Dean Street
Englewood, NJ

[photo source: Sadhya]


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