Opening Alert: Jack Potatoes, Westwood, NJ

Jack Potatoes, is a new eatery now open in Westwood.

Owners Ahmet Kas and Guray Ozbekrem has spent many years in the hospitality business at restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines — including large chains and smaller local shops.

Their major product is a stuffed baked potato. Customers can find 16 different toppings and the team will be using Idaho Potatoes.


Other menu items will include paninis, salads, soup and wet burgers — a small beef patty in a white bun that’s been moistened in a special tomato sauce with garlic and black pepper — a popular late night street food in Turkey (Learn More).

Replacing the Olive Branch Grape Vine store, they are open seven days a week.

Jack Potatoes
288 3rd Avenue
Westwood, NJ


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