Opening Alert: Ohbahm Pocha, Fort Lee, NJ

Ohbahm Pocha, a new Korean bar, has opened in Fort Lee.

Ownership is behind Dong Bang Grill in town along with Phobu, the restaurant that Ohbahm Pocha is replacing – while the chef has been working in the business for 30 years.

With the popularity of Korean food and having the Korean BBQ restaurant just up the road, they decided to open a Pojangmacha (or pocha; Read Wikipedia), which are street tents serving food to those leaving bars – Korean bars of this style have opened up without the tents but offer the full food and drink experience. There are quite a few already in the area.


They are trying to stay authentic as we they can with “Pojangmacha” foods, including everything from cow intestines to deep fried whole chicken and anything in between.

The indoor seating area is approximately 1500 square feet and has 15 tables. An heated outdoor tent has 8 tables, which has been outfitted with wood beams to withstand snow and other winter elements. There are also bubble tents for each group of customers within the main tent to provide a safe dining experience. They have also outfitted the outdoor tents with electricity so that each table has its own heating units to keep them warm during their visit.

It’s currently open for dinner and late night from 5:00pm till 2:00am.

Ohbahm Pocha
1645 Lemoine Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ

Menu (click to enlarge)


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