Squared Pizza Concept Launching Later This Month in Bergen

SQUARED is the latest virtual kitchen concept to launch in the area.

Virtual and ghost kitchens are becoming more common — restaurant concepts and brands being run out of other restaurant spaces — and North Jersey is no exception.

The background of SQUARED was born from a pop up that ended up being really successful, so those responsible decided to expand on the concept.


Pies/items will change and adjust every week or 2 with the idea being to have 8-10 pies available always and swap out 1-2 pies every 2 weeks or so (see working menu below).

The sauce is crafted using roma plum tomatoes from Italy with a little sea salt and olive oil. Proofing for the dough takes about 3 days along with fresh produce for the toppings.

Delivery area will be about 15 minutes from Elmwood Park an they’ll be using Grubhub initially as the ordering platform with potentially more to come.

[photo source: SQUARED]

Menu (click to enlarge)


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