Jack Potatoes Coming to Westwood in a Few Weeks

Details have been revealed about Jack Potatoes, the upcoming eatery headed to downtown Westwood.

Owners Ahmet Kas and Guray Ozbekrem has spent many years in the hospitality business at restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines — including large chains and smaller local shops.

Their major product will be a stuffed baked potato. Customers will find 16 different toppings and the team will be using Idaho Potatoes.


Other menu items will include paninis, salads, soup and wet burgers — a small beef patty in a white bun that’s been moistened in a special tomato sauce with garlic and black pepper — a popular late night street food in Turkey (Learn More).

Replacing the Olive Branch Grape Vine store, they hope to open sometime in the coming weeks.

Jack Potatoes
288 3rd Avenue
Westwood, NJ


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