Opening Alert: Hankki, Haworth, NJ

Hankki, a Korean restaurant, has opened in Haworth replacing The Greek Flame.

Owner and chef Han “Danny” Kim, first started to work in NYC kitchens (L’Artusi, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana) 12 years ago before heading to Korea, where he helped launch and develop menus at five different restaurants. While in Korea, he also ran a food truck called Wildfire and an Italian restaurant called Lococina.

After moving back to America, he planned to open a food business using the experiences from his time in the kitchen, thus Hankki was born.


He categorizes the menu (View Menu) as “new Korean”, not completely traditional but using flavor profiles and ingredients of Korean cuisine then combining it with his past experiences in different styles and cuisines. Hankki in Korean means a single meal, as he aims to provide customers with a crafted, healthy and nutritionally balanced meal that they can enjoy anywhere.

The small menu features many details, with each component having been thought through to craft each dish. All sauces, marinades, dressings, and pickling are made in house — with the base of most dishes being rice, which has been flavored to serve as a “good foundation for every dish”.

The steak is butchered in house to provide specific cuts not widely available elsewhere — then sous vide to give it a distinctly soft texture. Hankki’s fried chicken is Korean style — double fried as is traditional — with four elements that make it stand out according to Kim: the dusting of spices, its glaze, the long lasting crispy texture and its flavorful meat.

Hankii is currently open five days a week (closed Sundays and Mondays) for takeout along with limited seating from 11:00am till 7:00pm.

147 Terrace Street
Haworth, NJ

[photo source: Hankki]


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