PrimoHoagies in Mahwah Has Best Chain Italian Sub

Italian subs are available all over, even at chain shops according to NJ Monthly’s eight chain ranking titled Between Two Slices: Which Chain Makes the Best Italian Sub? (Read Full List).

Why would they do this? They even admit that in New Jersey “no one should ever have to rely on any kind of deli sandwich chain”, but sometimes you’re desperate.

The sandwiches were scored from 1-10 in the following categories: bread, fillings, toppings, and value to determine a winner.


PrimoHoagies, the Philly sandwich chain with locations all over – but one in Bergen in Mahwah – was the champ with an overall score of 7.4, with it’s highest ratings coming from the fillings and toppings categories.

Primo Hoagies
320 Ridge Road
Mahwah, NJ



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