M&P Biancamano in Hoboken Has Jersey’s Best Sandwich

Waxing poetic about it’s place in culinary lore and history in this country, Food & Wine has shared their picks for The Best Sandwich in Every State (Read Full List).

Not content with the “most fashionable or visually appealing” choices, these are “icons and legends”, essentially “sandwiches that have stood the test of time”.

And to be more precise with their parameters, there were no burgers, hot dogs, burritos, and tacos since those all have their own lists.


New Jersey’s victor is the fresh mozzarella and pepper sandwich from M&P Biancamano in Hoboken, which “might be one of the country’s best sandwiches”.

M&P Biancamano
1116 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ

[photo source: Hoboken Hungry]


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